What is GeoWave?

GeoWave is a library for storage, index, and search of multi-dimensional data on top of a sorted key-value datastore. GeoWave includes specific tailored implementations that have advanced support for OGC spatial types (up to 3 dimensions), and both bounded and unbounded temporal values.


  • Pluggable Backend

    GeoWave is intended to be a multidimensional indexing layer that can be added on top of any sorted key-value store.

  • Modular Design

    It is expected that the out of the box functionality should satisfy 90% of use cases – at least that is the intent – but the modular architecture allows for easy feature extension as well as integration into other platforms.

  • Self-Describing Data

    GeoWave also targets keeping data configuration, format, and other information needed to manipulate data in the database itself. This allows software to programmatically interrogate all the data stored in a single or set of GeoWave instances without needing bits of configuration from clients, application servers, or other external stores.


  • Adds multi-dimensional indexing to Accumulo
  • Adds support for geographic objects and geospatial operators to Accumulo
  • A GeoServer plugin to allow geospatial data in Accumulo to be shared and visualized via OGC standard services
  • Provides Map-Reduce input and output formats for distributed processing and analysis of geospatial data